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You asked for it!

Below are some older SMH + The Age stories I still have links for.


The one ingredient workplaces need to make diversity function (2020)
“Crushing” spurs siblings to find missing piece of disabled work puzzle (2020)
How to act appropriately with a grieving colleague (2020)
Careers in video games (2020)
Sommelier careers (2020)
Running a travel business from home (2020)
Building a future for artificial intelligence (2020)
On demand nursing offers flexibility and income (2020)
Mobile mentoring program helping inspire women on the move (2019)
Breaking through the blank looks (commercialisation manager) (2019)
Robo finance (2019)
To succeed as a baker, start with flour, water and then add passion (2019)
Multiple skills key to a medical research career (2019)
Fundraising: a career that makes a difference (2019)
Data roles help keep our medical system healthy (2019)
Exercise that pays off (2019)
Who needs an office? (2019)
Nurses help grieving families find comfort in organ donation (2019)
Technology offers new options in nursing care (2019)
Trailblazer for women in the construction industry (2019)
Computer says yes: The digital job for talkers, not techies (2019)
Workplace musician strikes perfect chord (2019)
How to stem gender equality in the tech space (2019)
Blockchain gives early adopters the advantage (2019)
Actuary careers (2019)
How to take first steps in career using healing power of nature (nature therapists) (2019)
Genetic counsellors needed (2019)
A career in dance (2019)
Serving up innovation with jobs (2019)
Child protection careers (2018)
Selling science (2018)
Receptionist to CEO (2018)
Is AI the new normal? (2018)
Humanitarian careers (2018)
Training for entrepreneurship (2018)
Chasing work life balance (2018)
Nursing in the air (2018)
Legal careers (2018)
For the love of numbers – stats careers (2018)
The changing face of farming (2018)
Indigenous leadership (2018)
Cross-cultural careers (2018)
Engineering not just a boys’ club (2018)

Hey! Where did 2017 go? Clearly I got too busy to keep track of my stories that year.  Enjoy these older stories instead.

Industry profile: Online retail careers (2016)

Building a bilingual career (2016)

Industry profile: Working as an app developer (2016)

Death of performance reviews (2016)

How the International Convention Centre is finding 1800 new staff (2016)

Career profile: Jane Bunn turns weather hobby into career (2016)

Industry profile: Arts events curator (2016)

A STEM career in the AFL (2016)

How to pass on bad news to the boss? Do it early (2016)

Drone pilots: The changing world of aviation careers (2016)

Industry profile: Life as a music festival programmer (2016)

Industry profile: Hotels and hospitality (2106)

Wild women on top of the world (2016) 

Industry profile: Life as a music producer (2016)

Career profile: Pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons (2016) 

Patagonia’s strategic edge (2016)

Online solutions to the pregnant pause (ending pregnancy discrimination) (2016)

How to secure a promotion (2016)

PR for the planet (2016) 

Keen on a blogging career? (2016)

Disadvantaged women fitted for work (NGO profile, 2016)

Manning up to mental health (Mental health in the workplace, 2015)

Working for the UN (2015)

Chris Darwin continues his ancestor’s work (profile, 2015)

Got a boring job? How to cultivate creativity (2015)

Middle East a popular choice for workers (2015)

Publicly speaking: a career up front (Public speaking careers, 2015)

1000 volunteers behind the scenes at Albert Park (Grand Prix careers, 2015)

B Corps’ success about businesses being the best for everyone (2014)

Talk tactics. (Can an 18 minute talk really change a career? TED talks + careers, 2014)

For love not money (Elizabeth Gilbert profile, 2014) – or view online.

Think outside the box (Tim Flannery profile, 2014) – or view online.

I haven’t got a problem with emulating men (Ita Buttrose profile, 2013: story in My Career – SMH and The Age.)

Online study is a click-fix (technology provides new learning options, 2013)

A hand up, not a handout (helping asylum seekers, 2013)

Spare time is money (social media makes for easy side earning potential, 2013)

Fine service down to a tea (employing workers with disabilities, 2013)

Rewards? Inquire within (help workers find self-motivation, 2013)

Benevolence dictated (introduction of regulatory body ACNC for charities sector, 2013)

A rough business (2012)

Dangerous connection (featured in blog entry ‘Are you hooked on technology?‘, 2012)

Many paths to work goal (2012)

Pave the path to power (fast track your career, 2012)

To respect and to serve (2012)

What’s yours is hours, or theirs (the silly season and unpaid overtime, 2011)

Turn your mind to your body (how others perceive you, 2011)

Organise your big break now (leave without pay, 2011)

Flat out losing their heads (blurring the lines between chiefs and indians, 2011)

Opposites attractive (industries recruiting a specific gender, 2011)

Slow down, branch out (beat the midyear workplace blues, 2011)

All aboard for training (skill development, 2011)

Management testing the friendship (on friends becoming your boss, 2011)

Second jobs, master the juggling act (2011)

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