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Decades of experience on your project

Copywriting or communications consulting

I can do almost any type of writing or editing project. The options are endless! Here are a few examples from recent jobs.

  • Interviewing and writing up case studies to slot into an annual report.

  • Managing an annual report from start to finish.

  • Turning 'not that great' writing into clear, engaging documents.

  • Helping inject a brand's voice and tone into all written collateral.

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Expertise without the agency pricetag

Copywriting retainers

Retainer clients receive my services at a discounted rate in exchange for an ongoing commitment. They're a fixed rate paid weekly or monthly so they work well if you need consistent(ish) volumes of copywriting, editing or communications support.

Retainers are also the perfect way to outsource a regular task (like a newsletter) that you wish would 'magically happen' each week.  


It's an excellent deal, but it's not for everyone. 

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Thousands of people have trained with me

Training for your team

Need training that is interactive, blends learning with doing, and engages everyone in the room? I've been training teams for 15 years. If the products below aren't exactly what you need, get in touch and I will tailor something.


Writing workshop #1: Edit with ease

Do you ever look at your writing and think: "I know this could be better, but I don’t know how?" Are you tasked with approving the writing of others, but not sure how to coach them to improve? You need this one-day training.

Writing workshop #2: Creating Compelling Case Studies

A compelling, well-crafted case study can keep your audience engaged. In this one day training I will teach your team how to write them.

Need media training? You need Media Bootcamp Australia

Media Bootcamp is my business with author and fellow journalist Ginger Gorman, offering media training, and strategic communications packages like our 'Done for you' media plans. We get rave reviews!

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