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Journalism portfolio

My published work dates back almost two decades, and I rarely track it all. Instead, I've collated some samples below showing the breadth of my work.


As a freelancer, I write on a wide range of topics, but you can see some of my specialities below: careers, business and the world of work; sustainability; wellbeing; and travel.

SMH & The Age

Over the years I've written for a number of sections in these publications, particularly for the SMH, where I used to write wellbeing stories for Spectrum, travel for the Sun-Herald and Traveller, and even the occasional Two of Us piece for the Good Weekend.  Now, I write weekly for the My Career section which runs in both the SMH & The Age. It's a gig I've held for over a decade.

Day in the life of a...Marine Biologist (2023)

Day in the life of a...Drone Pilot (2023)

How do I get a job in the Internet of Things? (2023)

The four day workweek verdict is in (2023)

Imposter syndrome (2023)

Keeping Australia's shelves stocked (2023)

Don't stand on the sidelines (2023)

The secret weapon behind the Bunnings workforce (2023)

Opening the door: Refugee jobseekers (2023)

Employees encouraged to work from the pub (2023)

Like to go back in time? Dozens more of my SMH/The Age stories here.


I used to write alot of wellbeing travel, including travelling the world going to yoga retreats for Yoga Journal. Then I had a kid, which killed the serenity of yoga retreats, so I moved into family travel writing. For a couple of years pre-COVID I also appeared weekly on ABC Sydney talking about travel. 

I've taken a travel writing hiatus since COVID, but here are just a few examples of this published work. 

Ubud with kids (for Jetstar magazine, 2019)

River cruising (for Family Travel magazine, 2019)

Multi generational travel (for Jetstar magazine, 2019)

Bali high (for Vacations & Travel magazine, 2019)

Swiss playground (for Vacations & Travel magazine, 2019)

Hoi An, Vietnam (for Vacations & Travel magazine, 2019)

Nusa Lembongan, Bali (for Family Travel magazine, 2019).

Bumper compendium - a number of travel stories in one handy PDF.


We should all care about the planet, so I made it a big part of my work for many years. 


Links to my environment stories have mostly now vanished, but I was a regular contributor to ABC Online's environment portal, which ran on the ABC website for several years. In fact, my first story for ABC Environment launched the section: it was timed to coincide with COP 15 in Denmark, way back in 2009. 


In these heady days for sustainability writers, the SMH also allocated four pages a week in main news (yes, really!) for environment features. I wrote for this section every fortnight, mostly about businesses doing positive work on sustainability.   


My wellbeing writing used to feature in Spectrum (SMH), Yoga Journal Australia, and a number of the niche sustainability magazines.  It was work I really enjoyed, and I did it for about a decade.

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